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Through Mexico’s Copper Canyon With the Chihuahua Al Pacifico Railroad

November 21st, 2022

The streets of Chihuahua appeared black, movement-devoid slabs as the van unimpededly slipped over then at 0530 to the train station, not a single automobile encountered during the brief journey from the Hotel San Francisco. Founded in 1709 by the Spaniards and taking the Indian word for “dry and sandy place” as its name, Chihuahua City, located on a 4,667-foot desert plain, is the capital of Chihuahua, Mexico’s largest state, with a 150,000-square-mile area. A cowboy city, it is characterized by the Franciscan Cathedral in its main square, Pancho Villa house, cowboy hat-clad citizens, and stores displaying endless rows of cowboy boots. The state itself, topographically distinguishable by brown, vegetation-less formations, is the leading producer of apples, walnuts, cotton, and jalapeno peppers, and is prevalent in lumber production and cattle ranching. An agrarian Mennonite community produces its own indigenous type of cheese.

Ahead, and beyond the fence, appeared the two locomotives and the four lighted passenger cars comprising the daily westbound Chihuahua Al Pacifico Railroad, operating as Train 74, cradled by one of three tracks as it was prepared for its still-nocturnal departure to the Copper Canyon and, ultimately, to its Pacific coast terminus, Los Mochis. I would only travel halfway today, to Posada Barrancas.

The tiny, twin wooden-bench terminal, sporting little more than two ticket windows-’tequillas” in Spanish-was almost equally devoid of life, save for the attendant behind the barred window and three other luggage-toting, still-sleeping travelers.

Urban Wedding Portraits in the Heart of Kansas City – Ten Great Destinations to Wow Your Clients

April 1st, 2022

With such a large metropolitan area, there are countless choices where one could take photographs. However, some of the top destinations are in the very center of the city. More weddings, and especially receptions are being held in the downtown area each year. All of the places on this list will give you a variety of backdrops and gorgeous shots all within a close distance of each other. Her is a look at ten top locations for urban portraiture in Kansas City.

River Market

The River Market is located at the northern end of downtown Kansas City. It is a historic and culturally rich area as well as Kansas City’s oldest neighborhood. No one can miss the region’s largest farmer’s market in the heart of the area. There is also a variety of parks throughout the space and along the edge of the Missouri River. Throw in the brick streets, old store fronts, decorative lamp posts, and local eateries and you have got a little bit of everything to choose from.

West Bottoms

The West Bottoms is a great area that shows off some of the historic factories and office spaces Kansas City has to offer. There are a variety of antique shops, restaurants, and empty buildings to offer you some interesting backdrops. Another popular feature of the West Bottoms is the easy accessibility to the train tracks. Not all of these tracks are out of commission, but depending on the train traffic those days, you can get some great shots with all the historic old factories in the background. There are also many areas with less traveled streets and bridges you can take photos on as well. This is a great place you should explore and find a few hotspots to bring your clients to.

Power & Light

Kansas City’s Power & Light is the new, hip place to be. This area continues to grow as a nighttime hot spot for the city. There is a variety of contemporary architectural styles in Power & Light that provide a nice setting for your bride and groom. Power & Light is a great place for night shots with all the colorful fluorescent lighting located throughout the district. You also have a variety of exterior spaces to shoot in some of the larger outdoor bar and cafe areas.


The Crossroad is the art district of the city, with a interesting fusion of old and new architecture. There are lots of exciting places to photograph with rustic old factory doors and exterior spaces, wall murals and graffiti, and a multitude of interior and exterior art galleries. This is a great place for any photographer to explore and find a few good spots to come back to again and again. There are lots of nooks and crannies, and dead end streets that have great photography waiting at the end.

Union Station

Union Station is a classic spot for great photos. This historic train stations has beautiful stone walls and huge windows to give you a variety of spaces to shoot. There is also the impressive grand hall and kissing clock which are popular photogenic locations. Don’t forget to utilize the exterior of the building which has a nice lawn space in front.

Liberty Memorial

Liberty Memorial is located just south of Union Station, and is one of my favorite places for portraits. This beautiful memorial for our World War I veterans offers an impressive monument and museum space. There is a impressive green area with terraces to the south and a fountain in front of the large bronze doors of the museum entrance. Climb the stairs at the north side of the memorial to photograph your bride and groom in front of the Kansas City skyline. There are also two museum buildings on the east and west sides that have large pillars and colorful wall tiles for backdrops.

Country Club Plaza

A favorite stop for locals and travelers, the Country Club Plaza is a great place for photography. The Spanish influenced architecture offers a colorful backdrop. Plus, there is a large collection of fountains and sculptures located throughout. Throw in a carriage ride or a snack at the sidewalk cafe and you’re ready to go.